“The ugliest K-Pop female idol”’s transformation after 3 years

Umji of GFriend used to be called the ugliest female idol in K-Pop history. However, in a recent photo shoot, she surprised netizens with her beauty.

“The ugliest K-Pop female idol”’s transformation after 3 years

To celebrate Christmas 2018, Dispatch has released a special photo album named Maknae (which means the youngest one in Korean) Christmas Party. The photoshoot consisted of 3 youngest members of 3 favorite girl groups: Umji (GFriend), Ah Rin (Oh My Girl) and Jang Won Young (IZ*ONE). Among them, Umji (in the middle) who were born in 1998 is the oldest. Ah Rin (right) was born in 1999 and Jang Won Young (left) was born in 2004 which makes her the youngest K-Pop idol right now.

Ah Rin is famous for her lovely face with an innocent aura which is favored by Koreans. Jang Won Young is a recently found beauty of the entertainment industry with her classic aura and a height of 1,7m. However, the one who surprised the public the most is Umji. Standing between two beautiful juniors, the 20-year-old lady still stood out with her lively and kind face.

Every corner showed Umji’s charisma and grace. Compared to her 2 juniors, she seems more eye-catching due to her experience.

Not just her fans, many Koreans audiences were surprised by Umji’s beauty. Many even mention the fact that she used to be seen as K-Pop ugliest idol.

Umji debuted in January 2015. Among 6 members, she was the least favorite because of her round face, snub nose, and small up-turned eyes. She was criticized a lot because of her appearance and was confirmed as the ugliest female idol in K-Pop history.

The fact that Umji was recruited on the street, not through a talent audition but through her appearance doubted everyone. Facing this criticism, the youngest of GFriend started to become anxious and shy. She even tried to use her bang to cover her face throughout their performance once.

The criticism started to dwindle when Umji began her diet. Her face became slimmer, no more chubby like before.

As they come back with every new song, Umji became prettier. Thanks to her diet, the line of her face became sharper. Especially her eyes became bigger, different from the small eyes in the past.

Last June, a video recording Umji waving to reporters on her way to the broadcast station went viral on Korean social networks. With light makeup, natural straight hair and a bright smile, she takes netizens by surprised.

At that time, compared to the time of her debut, Umji had lost 11kg. She revealed that she relied on a special diet and working out. Besides that, GFriend’s new make-up concept also helps her.

After 3 years, the youngest of GFriend has totally erased the nickname of “the ugliest idol in history” and totally transform herself. Umji, now with a slimmer graceful body, usually wears short jeans to show off her long legs and milky skin.