The types of visual that are favorite in Korean entertainment companies

The visual of each company have their own characteristics, depending on the visual development direction the company outlines for their artists.

SM Entertainment

This is a company that their artists always look good. Looking at SM’s idols, there’s nobody that are not beautiful. SM is very interested in the beautiful faces which have “Korean standard”. Typically, SM will keep an eye out for people with small heads and faces, smooth and neat lines at standard rates. It seems pretty boring but actually the visual that SM selected is very eye-catching. Idols with this standard are probably Eugene (S.E.S), Yoona (SNSD), Krystal, Irene (Red Velvet), etc.

However, SM often sets certain concepts for an artist and selects the best ones for the concept. In SM’s boy group, there will be members who take on the “coldness”, “friendly guys”, “sexy icons”, etc. Not only artists are active under SM, the former trainees of the company also own the beauty according to this standard.

JYP Entertainment

Unlike SM’s visual, JYP has always created a more public-friendly artist. The faces selected by JYP are all familiar with fans. One example is Suzy, who became “national first love” because of her pure beauty as a high school girl in a boy’s dream.

Charismatic Suzy 2
An infinite beauty
Beside such sexy body, Tzuyu also has sexy appearance thanks to her pretty face and cute choreography
JYP, TWICE, Momo, Sana, What is love

The female idols from JYP often looks as fresh as flowers, and their faces are very innocent and lovely. Very few of them have the golden ratios but they all own special charms. Nine TWICE members possess both fangirls and fanboys because of their freshness, youthfulness and dynamism. JYP’s new trainees are also of the interest of the public for their youthful appearance.

YG Entertainment

Based on the 2 girl groups that YG has debuted: 2NE1 and BLACK PINK, and along with a series of trainees under this company, it can be said that YG Entertainment always chose unique and “fierce” faces.

The paradox of K-biz: Good-looking idols are popular and unattractive ones also become phenomenas
How cute she is!

When people look at YG female idols, they often feel the “YG” very clearly. Typical is CL, Jennie, Lisa. In addition, a number of former trainees also brought along some of YG’s unique visuals such as Jinny Park, Park Seoyoung, Jang Hanna, etc.

However, besides these cool faces, YG is very clever when it comes to looking for the beautiful, sweet-looking members to balance the femininity of the group. Dara and Jisoo are the two members who undertake this important role. K-POP fans said that this is also the reason why Cho Miyeon of (G) I-DLE was present in the original team of BLACK PINK.

yg, mixnine, dara, park bom

CUBE Entertainment

Unlike the Big 3, CUBE Entertainment is a company dedicated to launching the most “girl crush” girl groups. Most CUBE female idols do very well on this concept from gen 2 to gen 3. CUBE is not a company that focus on looks like SM. However, to get the typical girl crush spirit like HyunA, Yeeun (CLC), Soyeon (G) I-DLE, CUBE is also struggling to filter and choose between thousands of trainees.

Pledis Entertainment

In addition to “Lee Sooman’s flowers”, Pledis is also K-POP’s entertainment company with most outstanding visuals. Despites the difficulty in promoting the artist’s image, it is undeniable that Pledis’ casting team works very well when it comes to looking for faces with outstanding looks.

Pledis’ visual selection has many similarities to SM’s preference for sophisticated and elegant faces such as Kyulkyung, Xiyeon (Pristin), Nana (After School). Most of the female idols from Pledis are praised by netizens because of their beauty. In particular, this company is very interested in the physique of female idol. Most of the female idols debuted under Pledis have perfect body proportions.

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