The twins “dinosaurs” Indie crowned, AOA promoted remarkably on the Kpop music charts

Kpop charts last week witnessed the “outbreak” of female artists.

On the first week of Instiz chart in June, Bolbbalgan4 excellently climbed to #1 with “Travel” by 37,491 points. The scores for the two girls are quite higher compared to the second position – BTS’s “Fake Love” currently holding 26,585 points. Top 3 of Instiz Chart Chart last week was the familiar song “Time For The Moon Night” by G-Friend with 14,642 points.

In last week, AOA has come back to Kpop racing track with the song “Bingle Bangle”. After leaving ChoA, the AOA was supposed to lose a large number of audiences, however, this song has done a great job on the charts. Right in the first week, “Bingle Bangle” took AOA to No.4 on the Instiz Chart.

Top 10 Kpop popular songs on the first week of June 2018

1. “Travel” – Bolbbalgan4 (37.491 points)

2. “Fake Love” – BTS (26.585 points)

3. “Time For The Moon Night” – G-Friend (14.642 points)

4. “Bingle Bangle” – AOA (12.617 points)

5. “Don’t Give It To Me” – Loco & Hwasa (MAMAMOO) (10.832 points)

6. “Pass By” – Nilo (9.612 points)

7. “What Is Love?” – TWICE (8.640 points)

8. “The Truth Untold” – BTS (8.631 points)

9. “You” – MeloMance (7.509 points)

10. “Love Scenario” – iKON (7.212 points)

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