The truth behind JungKook’s blurred photo on the reality show

The photo blurred Jungkook’s mouth made fans confused, but watching behind the scenes, everyone had to sympathize with the post-production staff.

In the episode of Run! BTS aired on December 15, BTS played the role of people living in a village.  The boys planned to observe and investigate the suspect hidden among them. 

It is noteworthy that the outfits in this episode were in vintage styles of the 80’s – the 90s. The series of behind-the-scenes photos make fans extremely excited.  In one photo, Jungkook was mysteriously blurred his mouth.  Fans were confused about what sensitive object he was holding, that it had to be blurred.

Without waiting, just a day later, the behind-the-scenes video of this episode was revealed.  As fans have guessed, the boys used a magnifying glass to press their mouths, making their faces extremely humorous. 

The post-production staff carefully covered it, but the behind-the-scenes video reported all:

Jin also enjoyed it
Jin also enjoyed it
“Golden maknae” should join the group of handsome guys who do not know how to use their faces
Jungkook’s impressive vintage style in Run! 

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