The truth about the rumor that YG prevents G-Dragon from receiving his copyright royalties

After having released his solo work for more than 18 months, G-Dragon has not received any royalties yet. Did YG make it difficult for their artist to receive this money?

In recent days, netizens have been saying that G-Dragon and Teddy have yet to receive royalties for the music product “Kwon Jiyong.” Specifically, after 18 months since the release of this album, Teddy directly submitted a complaint to KOMCA – the music association in which he and G-Dragon are members, to complain that both of them have yet to receive any money.

If the USB “Kwon Jiyong” really counts as a normal physical album, G-Dragon and those who are involved in producing the product will receive a royalty of 300 million won.

On the other hand, if this USB is only considered a “digital product”, KOMCA only has to pay 30 million won to the producers.

With these allegations, KOMCA officially denounced back to YG, G-Dragon’s agency. Specifically, the music association said that YG is the party that asked to put “Kwon Jiyong” into “digital media” category and only agreed to pay 30 million won. Netizen is very pressing and said that YG is making it difficult for its favorite artists.

Sources: KOMCA, k14

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