The truth about the accusation of ARMYs trying to hurt EXO with laser lights

A photo on Twitter has reportedly started a war between EXO-Ls and ARMYs.

Recently, EXO’s latest concert in Macau has become the talk of the town, as it was reported that some antis were trying to harm the EXO members with laser lights in this concert. Some photos taken at the scene showed that the EXO members couldn’t hide the pain in their eyes because of the dangerous lights. Despite being heavily criticized, these anti-fans continued this action in the second day of the group’s concert, making many fans worried and frustrated.

EXO were attacked with laser lights by antis, EXO-Ls trend on Twitter to ask for justice

However, a new war has started before the problem can be solved. On Twitter, a photo of an ARMY (BTS’ fan) trying to sneak in the EXO concert has been going viral. This fangirl was seen to be holding an ARMY-bomb and wearing a BTS backpack.

The picture which initiated a verbal fight

Immediately, many international fans of EXO have questioned and even come to a conclusion that this fan was the one behind the laser light incident. Many EXO-Ls have spoken up and asked SM Entertainment to capture and make the girl pay the price.

However, many ARMYs were quick to the scene and defended the fan by saying there was no evidence proving that she was really the anti who used laser lights on the EXO members. Especially. Some ARMYs have given out proofs that the photo wasn’t taken in an EXO concert, but in BTS’ “The Wing Tour” concert in Macau on April 4th, 2017.

BTS held a concert here back in 2017

The reason why there was this misunderstanding is that both the top boy groups have held a concert in Cotai Arena Macau Stadium. ARMYs also pointed out that the girl wasn’t the only BTS fan in the photo, as there was another person spotted holding BTS’ light stick. This proves that the fans in the photo were going to a BTS concert, not EXO’s.

The truth might make a few EXO-Ls embarrassed for falsely accusing ARMYs. Hopefully, this could be a lesson for EXO-Ls and KPOP fans, who should spend more time investigating before accusing anyone.

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