“The true dancer among the dancers” Monika shared the reason why she decided to appear on “Street Woman Fighter”

Another story was told related to Mnet’s show “Street Woman Fighter”.

After appearing on “Street Woman Fighter”, Monika, who is called “the true dancer among the dancers”, touched the audience by telling the reason why she decided to appear on the show.

Since the show was aired, topics related to it have recently made headlines, and the dancers have become more and more popular.

Therefore, netizens have started to pay more attention to the dancers’ online activities. In particular, they reposted many SNS live broadcasts of the dancers and also the conversations in the chatting room between the dancers and fans.

PROWDMON Monika also communicated with fans many times. The content of her group chat with fans was recently uploaded.

During the conversation, Monika thanked fans who showed their interest in dancing and the dancers. In addition, she also explained why she decided to appear in the program.

Monika said, “I felt pressure to talk about my past story and the competitions on the shows.”

The female dancer also expressed her gratitude to the netizens who supported her and gave her great attention.

She said even when she received negative evaluations; she still felt grateful for that. It was because she came to the show after being too hopeless.

Monika shared, “I felt heart-breaking seeing other dancers around me quit dancing one by one. I was desperate when they disappeared from the performances, practices and suddenly changed to another job. Thankfully, I’m happy to see many people are becoming fans of dancers and gradually showing their sympathy for the dancers.

Monika said she received more positive energy when the public started to show their interest in dancing and the dancers.

She continued to share, “I came out on the show after preparing myself to accept all kinds of comments on my dance or even my personality.

Regarding the reason why she decided to compete in “Street Woman Fighter”, Monika explained, “I told the PD that I couldn’t do anything for the dancers who received too little attention and asked him for help. I wanted to help them.”

In response, netizens gave enthusiastic comments: “Her mindset is so great”, “When I watched the dance video of PROWDMON, I kept on finding her from the back because she didn’t stand in the center for a time”, “I love you unnie”, “Teacher Monika, you’re the best”, “Even when she was claimed to be a villain, she still tried her best to promote the dancers so that people would be more interested in dancing”.

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