The top K-Pop female idols whose faces are loved by Japanese fans

Momo is adored by Japanese fans for her exquisite dance skill and gorgeous visual.

Tokyo Dance Village – a dance school for girls which is a part of the education system SPRIX, Japan – has recently arranged a survey about “The popularity of K-Pop artists”.

In that survey, the ranking for “Which K-Pop artist’s face do you want to have the most?” is in the center of attention. Momo of TWIC defeats many other top visuals to appear on #1. This member of TWICE is a Japanese with a huge fanbase in her homecountry. With her gorgeous beauty, sexy and strong body, Momo is extremely attractive and alluring on stage but off stage, she owns a totally opposite charm which is cute and funny. Momo also topped the chart of “The best dancer among female K-Pop idols”.

Momo is famous in Japan – her homecountry.

In 2nd place is BoA. The eldest sister of SM continues to prove her long-run popularity in Japan. BoA is one of the most successful Korean artists in Japan who has paved the way for younger generations. Even when she is not active as much as before, this female artist is still a legendary icon of K-Pop.

BoA is the icon of K-Pop in Japan.

Tzuyu is a visual who is loved by everyone. The youngest of TWICE is in 3rd place. She has appeared many times on the Japanese top search keywords with her gorgeous moment.

Tzuyu is rarely absent on any visual chart.

Students of Tokyo Dance Village also voted for the top 5 most famous group which are TWICE, TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, BTS and BLACKPINK. Despite the popularity of the 3rd generation, TVXQ and Girls’ Generation are still maintaining their reign in Japan.

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