The top Japanese male group that once ‘implied’ BTS’s success thanks to Jpop is now accused of ‘plagiarizing’ a Kpop MV

Arashi previously made Knet dissatisfied because their ‘implicitly’ talked about BTS’s success.  Recently, they are suspected of plagiarizing a Kpop group’s MV.

Arashi is the most popular male idol group in Japan, so many Korean netizens have been surprised recently to discover that their MV has too many similarities with Kpop MV.  Specifically, Arashi’s MV lyrics ‘Face Down Reborn’ is being questioned for plagiarizing DAY6’s MV lyrics ‘Zombie’.

These two MVs have a minimalistic cartoon style that lists the characters’ thoughts, but many images show an indisputable coincidence of the idea.  ‘Zombie’ was released a month before ‘Face Down: Reborn’ was released, so Knet confirmed that Arashi plagiarized DAY6 and asked the management company of the Japanese male idol group or the producer team to explain and apologize.


In a later interview, the creator of DAY6’s MV also shared: “I understand this is the era when it is impossible to create 100% original creations.  But we indeed have to comfort ourselves by saying: <Because we did a good job and so even idols from Japan are learning from us>.”

Many Knet said that DAY6’s MV producer had a very clever response, but Knet still criticized Arashi.  Many people feel disappointed because Arashi is the leading male idol group in Japan and is known as the ‘archetype’ with their own creativity and style.

Some other Knet immediately recalled Arashi’s September 2020 statement.  Accordingly, the boy group of the famous entertainment company Johnny’s affirms that the current success of Kpop is thanks to Jpop. They also mentioned the success of BTS and ‘Dynamite’ in the statement: “What you’re currently seeing now with non-Japanese groups as well all really found its roots in the foundational work that Johnny did back in the 1960s.”


Arashi’s statements at the time made Knet dissatisfied, and now the fact that the group was caught ‘plagiarism’ caused even more controversy.  Many Knet sarcastically said that Japanese male groups should not tell others to copy themselves when they themselves also ‘silently’ copied Kpop.

Currently, JYP Entertainment and Arashi’s agency J Storm have not announced any statement on this incident.

Some comments on Korea forums:

-What happened with Arashi?

–  They did it, after all, they said about Jpop and K-pop, what a shame !!

 – Shameless!!

 – The production director of DAY6’s MV answered cleverly, right?

– Matsujun-ssi *, didn’t you say Kpop originated from Jpop? 

– Fine.  They do it so that people realize what Jpop is and what Kpop is. – Arashi the one who said BTS was born from Jpop and copied their success?  Why are they doing such thí thing now?



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