The top 3 visuals among K-pop female groups voted by fan

The poll held by Koreaboo on Korean websites found out the top 3 most beautiful idols among Kpop female groups.

Irene (Red Velvet): Though every member of Red Velvet has impressive visual, netizens still agreed that Irene is the official visual of them. Irene is said to have a face that deserves the nickname “ The beauty symbol of the new generation”. Even Red Velvet’s members said they couldn’t do anything but praise Irene’s beauty.


Netizen commented that Irene’s face has all the beauty which are desirable for all Asian women like big eyes, straight high nose, small lips and smooth bright skin. Thanks to her beautiful visual, Irene is suitable for lots of concepts like innocent, sweet to charming and chic concepts. There were even opinions that whether on stage or in real life, whether she wears makeup or not, her face is always shining.


Talking about the most beautiful idols of the 3rd generation’s female idol, Irene is always mentioned. Though her voice is not impressive and her dancing skills is normal, Irene still attracts a huge fan base and becomes the favourite face of many brands.


Debut at the age of 23, which is quite late, Irene still became famous thanks to her “goddess” appearance. Despite the fact that she is 28 years old now, Irene still receives lots of love from fan thanks to her ourstanding visual and luxurious appearance as if she is the young lady of a dignity family.


Tzuyu (Twice): With sad, beautiful eyes and a round Asian chin, Tzuyu currenly is one of the most popular idols in Korean showbiz. Praised as the goddess of K-Pop new generation, this Twice’s member quickly attracted lots of attention from local and international netizens.

Tzuyu TWICEp01

Though K-pop fans believe that this industry already has a lots of beautiful idols, Tzuyu still has an attractive beauty that makes people couldn’t take their eyes off her. Netizens always give Tzuyu lots of compliment on her beauty.

Tzuyu TWICEed 3

Most netizens commented that Tzuyu in real life is even more beautiful and attractive than in her debut photo. While every member of Twice is a visual, Tzuyu’s beauty is still the spotlight.

Tzuyu TWICE 2 1

Twice’s maknae is always mentioned on beauty polls of the idol world. Moreover, Tzuyu was ranked 1st place in the top 100 most beautiful faces in the world by TC Candler magazine.


Ji Soo (Black Pink): Black Pink is one of the few girl groups that every member can be considered a visual. However, it is not surprising that Ji Soo is chosen to be the visual of Black Pink. Possessing an undeniable beauty, Jisoo’s visual has received countless compliment from fans.


Netizens realized that Jisoo has an actress face with small head, straight high nose, heart-shaped lips and attractive dove eyes.


This YG’s beauty goddess always wins the spotlight when standing among other beauties of showbiz. Jisoo’s visual has become a hot keyword among international netizens many times before.

JisooBLackpinkoAAj il

A series of photos and videos of Jisoo were posted on SNS in Korea and all the comments couldn’t stop praising her beauty. Chic on stage but Ji Soo also receives lots of love by her lovely, bright appearance in real life.

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