The times when Kpop idols accidentally revealed about watching adult movies

Many Kpop idols such as SNSD, RM (BTS), IU, EXO… have not hesitated to admit that they have watched adult movies.

Watching adult movies is a private matter for everyone and not everyone is brave enough to admit it.  And for celebrities, especially Kpop idols, this issue becomes even more delicate and should not be made public if they don’t want to get in trouble.  However, there are still many idols who frankly admit to having watched this type of movie in front of the audience or on a TV shows. 


BTS‘ rapper RM once frankly revealed that he watched adult movies when he was in 2nd grade. The leader of BTS was too curious, so he opened a spam email that led to the 19+ movie page while surfing the web.  The funniest thing is that when the website asked to verify the user over 18 years old, the boy RM that day quickly took his father’s ID number to register.

BTS members also revealed that the computer in the group’s common room was often infected with viruses because RM kept downloading adult movies.  RM didn’t think it was a bad thing, he also revealed that the other members gathered to watch them together.


Perhaps Zico is the idol with the most intense passion for 19+ movies.  He admits he has a hobby of watching adult movies and sets up a folder for them on his computer.  He even put it on the main screen for easy watching.  His wallpapers are also images from these movies.

The male rapper disagrees with the idea that watching 19+ movies is a sin and needs to be rectified.  According to him, watching porn can help many people relieve feelings of frustration and limit the number of crimes related to sexual assault.


On a TV show, SNSD was asked to reveal their secret.  Sooyoung suddenly revealed, “I’ve seen adult movies before.”  In addition, when Jessica was still a member of SNSD, she also opened up about the group watching 19+ movies together in the hotel.

According to the female idol, the hotel’s TV often contains porn movies, however, the group did not dare to watch them because they would have to pay for these movies and the fee would be clearly stated in the hotel bill. After that, the group decided to go to the maknae Seohyun’s room to watch.


Associated with a pure and innocent image, but “national little sister” IU also admitted that she had watched adult movies: “I’ve watched 19+ movies before. It wasn’t as interesting as I expected. There’s no plot at all.”  Turns out, IU did watch it but she wasn’t as interested in this type of movie as other idols.


EXO members once sat down and discussed enthusiastically about 19+ movies.  Lay surprised fans when honestly sharing that he was the one who switched to a program containing pornographic content on TV.

Source: K14

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