The tables have turned, the public calls for Kim Seon-ho’s return on “2 Days 1 Night”

While the public opinion regarding the controversy over actor Kim Seon-ho’s private life is changing due to a media outlet’s exclusive report, the bulletin board of KBS2’s “2 Days 1 Night” is also heating up.    

On Oct 26th, a media outlet reviewed the timeline from their first meeting to the parting of Kim Seon-ho and his ex-girlfriend A under the title “Kim Seon-ho, 12 distorted truths”. Kim Seon-ho had tried his best to cook seaweed soup for A two weeks after her abortion, and A was close enough to meet Kim Seon-ho‘s parents, but they eventually broke up in May this year due to repeated trust issues. 

kim seon ho

After such reports, public opinion surrounding Kim Seon-ho’s situation was naturally divided into two. While some point out that cooking seaweed soup cannot be an indulgence and that the privacy of his ex-girlfriend A is being overly dug up and exposed, others say that people should take into account the fact that Kim Seon-ho has endured his ex-girlfriend’s deviant behavior. 

While Kim Seon-ho is likely to get out of all the troubles surrounding him, public opinion on the bulletin board for viewers of “2 Days 1 Night” is also changing rapidly.

kim seon ho
kim seon ho

One viewer suggested adding back Kim Seon-ho’s scenes to the latest episode aired on October 24th. Meanwhile, another user said “2 Days 1 Night Season 4” should be responsible for bringing Kim Seon-ho back to the show.

In addition, some netizens mentioned recent reports about Kim Seon-ho on “2 Days 1 Night” bulletin board and demanded his return, saying, “Kim Seon-ho was so kindhearted (like a real Buddist saint). Production team, if you read these articles, you will know it’s right to bring Kim Seon-ho back.”

kim seon ho

However, “2 Days 1 Night Season 4” team has already decided to minimize the risk related to Kim Seon-ho by erasing his name from the list of cast members on their website. In the past, they let Jung Joon-young return early then had to edit the whole season. Therefore, it seems like they are determined not to repeat their mistake again.

Is this a reversed game for Kim Seon-ho’s current situation as fans wished or just an “excuse” from the media and Kim Seon-ho’s acquaintances instead?


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