The strangest love scandals in Kbiz’s history: Yoona’s adultery with Psy, Changmin and Minho gay dating

In Kbiz’s history, these are the strangest love scandals and dating rumours, in which popular stars such as Yoona, PSY, Minho (SHINee), Wonbin, Sooyoung (SNSD),…are featured.

Minho (SHINee) and Changmin (DBSK)

In 2010, Changmin and Yunho attended Yunho’s show in order to commemorate Michael Jackson together. However, according to news from Japanese newspapers, Changmin dated a mysterious girl right at the time of the show. At that time, people paid a lot of attention to dating rumours of this DBSK’s popular member. However, it was later confirmed that the mysterious girl was… Minho
At that time, Minho had a feminine curly hairstyle, making Japanese media mistake him for a girl and take picture from behind when Changmin and he was sitting together. Until now, fans have still talked about this scandal as a strange and hilarious one.

Lay (EXO) dated Lee Soo Man, SM Entertainment’s CEO

During many years after debut, EXO had been involved in multiple scandals. However, the dating rumour between Lay and CEO Lee Soo Man was probably the strangest one. Up till now, fans still don’t know where this rumour came from but many people said that it was from the respect Lay has for Lee Soo Man.

Sooyoung (SNSD) and Wonbin’s dating rumour although…. they’ve never met

Is it possible to date someone you’ve never talked to? In 2012, the dating rumour between Sooyoung and Wonbin became a hot topic. It gained such a great amount of attention that SM had to make an official explaination stating that these two were not even friends, much less lovers. At that time, Sooyoung had been dating male actor Jung Kyung Ho. However, instead of being annoyed, Jung Kyung Ho felt happy for being misrecognized as Won Bin. Despite it not being her fault, Sooyoung made an official apology to Wonbin on the TV Show “Strong Heart”.
After that, netizens found the source of this rumour. The picture was first posted to a forum with the title “Wonbin Swimming” (“Sooyoung” in Korean is pronounced as “swimming”). Due to this fan’s word play, people thought that Wonbin was dating Sooyoung. However, when the truth came to light, everyone was really surprised.

Adultery of Yoona (SNSD) and PSY

In 2012, according to exclusive news from a Chinese newspaper, Yoona was involved in a love affair with the married singer PSY. This newspaper also said that PSY secretly met Yoona at a party and the two found that they were compatible. They attended more parties together and developed romantic feelings. This newspaper also affirmed that PSY’s wife knew about her husband’s adultery but still kept it a secret in order to protect his career and their children. A picture of Yoona and PSY having a secret date at a market was also released.
However, fans later confirmed that this picture was taken during Yoona’s recording for Running man. The man beside her was actually … a cameraman. He was mistaken as PSY. Luckily not many people believed in this rumour. SNSD’s fans were really angry because this Chinese newspaper made up a story about their idol.

Hong Jin Young dated her … father?

This rumour could possibly be the winner if there were rankings for “the strangest rumour in the history of Korea”. It started from with this sexy Korean trot singer who came to Chosun University with her father. Actually, he was a professor and she was a student there.
When seeing the two walking together, a lot of students felt certain that Hong Jin Young and her father were involved in an improper relationship between a professor and a student. Later, when appearing on TV shows, she even joked about this story.

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