The story behind the hashtag ‘Soo Jin ah, I ate this’ on Korea’s Twitter real-time trending

After the news of Soo Jin’s departure from (G)I-DLE broke out, fans came to Twitter to show their support to Soo Jin with a hashtag.

On August 14, CUBE Entertainment officially announced Soo Jin’s withdrawal. (G)I-DLE will continue with the 5-member formation.

Soojin GIDLE
Hashtag #SooJinah,IAteThis

On the same day, after the withdrawal was announced, the hashtag Soo Jin ah, I ate this‘ was trended on Twitter’s real-time trend.

Through the hashtag Soo Jin ah, I ate this”, Soo Jin’s fans wrote their messages to Soo Jin and expressed their love and support to their idol. In most of the tweets, fans said that they missed Soo Jin and would always support her.

Soojin GIDLE

Soo Jin often used to go on SNS regularly to ask fans whether they had eaten. That’s the reason why the hashtag Soo Jin ah, I ate this” was chosen.

Netizens were curious about the meaning behind the hashtag. After the meaning was explained, some netizens tweeted the hashtag with sweet and bitter messages.

Meanwhile, in February, controversies over Soo Jin’s school violence emerged. She denied the accusation, but the issue continued.

Moreover, with more evidence added by actress Seo Shin Ae, Soo Jin decided to leave the group.

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