The stage of Pretty Savage reached 100 million views, BLACKPINK is the only group in 2020 to do this!

The Pretty Savage stage of BLACKPINK has officially reached 100 million views after 2 months, becoming the only group in 2020 with a live performance to achieve this impressive number.

On December 27, 2020, the official YouTube channel of BLACKPINK has recorded 100 million views for the Pretty Savage performance.  After many outstanding achievements in the past year, this is probably the reward that the YG girls give their fans before the end of 2020.

Pretty Savage 100 million views BLACKPINK1

BLACKPINK’s Pretty Savage performance stage at SBS Inkigayo was posted on the group’s YouTube channel on October 11, 2020.  It only took 48 days for the BLACKPINK’s performance to reach 100 million views, this number is said to be very impressive compared to a live performance.

With this achievement, BLACKPINK officially named themselves as the first girl group in Kpop history to own 3 live performances with more than 100 million views.  In particular, the 4 girls are also the only group in 2020 to own performance of 100 million views, which is an admirable number that any group must dream of.

Pretty Savage 100 million views BLACKPINK2
Pretty Savage 100 million views BLACKPINK3

More notably, the previous record for the fastest performance on the weekly music show reaching 100 million views belonged to BTS’s Boy With Luv when it took 552 days to reach the above impressive number, while  BLACKPINK’s Pretty Savage only took 48 days.  Once again they broke the record of their seniors to own the fastest stage on music shows to reach 100 million views.   

Pretty Savage 100 million views BLACKPINK3

As for Kpop live performances, BLACKPINK is still leading with 211 million views for the year-end stage at 2018 SBS Gayo Daejun.  Followed by BTS with 2nd and 3rd place respectively for live stages Anpanman and Go Go.  It seems that BLACKPINK is still making a big difference with the senior group when continuously breaking the record of the top Kpop boy group nowadays. 


 01. Solo + DDU-DU DDU-DU + Forever Young (2018 SBS Gayo Daejun) – BLACKPINK (211,621,337 views)

 02. Anpanman (Comeback Show) – BTS (155,759,283 views)

 03. Go Go (Comeback Show) – BTS (121,669,568 views)

 04. Boombayah (SBS Inkigayo) – BLACKPINK (100,917,840 views)

 05. Pretty Savage (SBS Inkigayo) – BLACKPINK (100,176,237 views)

Being released with BLACKPINK’s first full studio album, Pretty Savage was chosen as the supporting track to promote along with the title song “Lovesick Girls”.  Receiving a lot of support from fans from the very first days, Pretty Savage was expected to have its own MV.  But contrary to expectations from fans, up to now, Pretty Savage has not had yet.  Maybe because of that, fans can only focus on increasing views for the live stage!

In addition, BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel has also reached 55 million subscribers, continuing to maintain the record of the YouTube channel with the highest number of subscribers in Korea.  What a day full of good news for the BLACKPINK fan community.

Pretty Savage 100 million views BLACKPINK3
Pretty Savage 100 million views BLACKPINK3

Sources: kenh14

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