The silhouette of a man found in Red Velvet Joy’s new photos: Was she on a date with Crush?

Red Velvet’s Joy, who is openly dating Crush, is suspected of going on a romantic date. 

On March 2nd, Joy posted several new photos on her personal Instagram along with the caption, “Someday in January”.

In the photos, Joy is drinking wine at a restaurant. She has long straight hair and wears a pink knit crop top, giving off cute yet sexy vibes. 

The most attention-grabbing photo is the one where Joy is holding a wine glass. The silhouette of a man taking her picture is reflected in the wine glass. 

Netizens left comments such as “Isn’t the man reflected in the wine glass Crush?”, “They seem to be happily dating”, “So they had a date in January”, and “They make such a good couple.”

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