The short career of an actress from “High Kick!”: got married as soon as she stepped into stardom

Talented with a perfect stepping stone but this actress from “High Kick!” decided to retire early.

“High Kick!”, released in 2006, is one of the most well-known first-generation Korean sitcom series. This series has become the stepping stone to stardom for many young actors, including the “young teacher” Seo Min Jeong. In the sitcom, Seo played the role of a pure, innocent and kind-hearted but careless and gullible teacher, which is totally different from her sharp personality in real life. Her adorable character along with her sad love story in “High Kick!” was what made her a remarkable character.


To describe Seo Min Jeong’s popularity at the time, it was as big as Hwang Jung Eum after “High Kick Through The Roof!”. That’s why, after the series ended, she has received countless commercial contracts, as well as invitations to gameshows and famous singers’ MVs. However, her golden days didn’t last long as on August 25th, 2007, 2 months after “High Kick!” ended, Seo Min Jeong suddenly announced her wedding and followed her husband to live in the U.S, leaving her blooming career behind.


Seo Min Jeong at one of her rare appearances on TV in 2019.

Seo Min Jeong’s short career is a bummer, but she also doesn’t update much on SNS, which is why her name is soon forgotten by the public. Through her appearance on a TV show in 2019, Min Jeong surprised the audience with her youthful visual and the same smile as when she was still acting in “High Kick!”. Most recently, Seo Min Jeong appeared in the reunion show of “High Kick!” but only through a video letter as she couldn’t come to the filming set.


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