The shocking prophecy made by a shaman to the “Star of Asia”

BoA doesn’t need any explanation to be nicknamed the “Star of Asia” and the “Walking Small and Medium Business.”


BoA, the best artist who doesn’t need any further explanation to be called the “Star of Asia” and the “Walking Small and Medium Business.” She has written so many histories that many female singers have confessed that they have dreamed of seeing her.


BoA is a top star who boasts a tremendous career, but she went through something absurd a few years ago. BoA accompanied an acquaintance to the fortune teller’s house because the person said she wanted to get her fortune seen. BoA said she was just sitting down wearing a hat and a mask because she didn’t have any intention of checking her fortune.


BoA then informed the shaman as she kept glancing and wondering about her date of birth. The shaman then said, “You must want to be a celebrity!” But continued, “But even if you’re a celebrity, you are not going to hit it big.” Did that shaman know what they were talking about? (As expected, let’s do fortune-telling just for fun.)


BoA made her debut at the young age of 13 and literally won over the Korean and Japanese audience’s heart with a wide range of activities. She is also an executive director as well as a veteran artist that marks the 21st anniversary of her debut at SM Entertainment.


Recently, she was in charge of directing the “Dreams Come True” (S.E.S. 2nd Album’s Title Song in 1998)” remake project by her same-agency junior aespa and showed her aspect as a producer.


In addition, she recently debuted as a girl group member, for the first time in 21 years since her debut, as the leader of “GOT the beat,” the first unit of the Girls On Top (GOT) project newly introduced by SM Entertainment.


Although she is well over 30s, BoA showed great performance by taking the center position of the team with her beauty as well as tremendous experience and charisma accumulated over the past 20 years. She is indeed “Still My No.1”.


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