The shocking price of Avengers and BTS’s illegal ticket that is actually being traded

The movie “Avengers: Endgame” (directed by Anthony & Joe Russo) has been making headlines since even before its release with a high booking rate. Maybe it’s because of its massive popularity. There are a lot of tickets selling for 50,000 won.

According to the Money Today report on April 18, dozens of Avengers illegal tickets were sold on the Ticket Bay website (a ticket broker site) on April 17. The price ranged from 50,000 won to 100,000 won. Considering the average ticket price at the movie theater, it’s inflated to 10 times the regular price.

Movie tickets aren’t the only illegal tickets sold online. Especially, tickets for idol concerts are being traded illegally at a very high price.

The highest price for the group Wanna One’s last concert ticket in January was about 20 million won, which is 200 times the fixed price of 100,000 won. In particular, tickets for the Seoul concert by global star BTS that took place in August last year were also reported to have been sold at 3.2 million won.

It was sold at more than 30 times the official price of 110,000 won and their fans who couldn’t get tickets were complaining a lot.

It has been reported that online ticket sales do not have any regulations to be enforced under the current law. There are growing calls that related legislation should be made to eradicate this situation as soon as possible.

Sources: Dispatch

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