The shocking amount of money paid to the main cast of Squid Game per each episode: Lee Jung Jae was paid 12 times higher than the female lead

Squid Game is a Netflix series with a huge investment, so how much will actors be paid for their roles?

With a capital investment from Netflix, Squid Game became one of the most expensive Korean dramas of all time with a cost of up to about 20 billion won. Of course, how much the cast was paid has also come under the spotlight!

1. Lee Jung Jae

As a veteran actor with a great reputation, Lee Jung Jae, of course, received a massive amount of money when starring in Squid Game. Specifically, according to the news site 8days, the amount that Lee Jung Jae received for each episode is nearly 300 million won. This makes Lee Jung Jae the second highest-paid actor in Korea, surpassing the 180 million won that Song Joong Ki received for each episode of Vincenzo. At the top of the list is Kim Soo Hyun, who is said to have raked in 500 million won for each episode of his drama.

Squid Game Cast

2. Park Hae Soo

Although Sang Woo is one of the most important characters in Squid Game, just behind the male lead, Park Hae Soo is believed to have made only one fifth of what Jung Jae was paid – around 58 million won for an episode.

3. Jung Ho Yeon

Jung Ho Yeon is the name that gets the most attention after Squid Game.  She became the Korean actress with the largest number of followers on Instagram in a short time thanks to Squid Game’s effect.  However, because at the time she got the role, she was just a rookie with no influence, Jung Ho Yeon only received approximately $20,000 (about 23 millions won) per episode. Thus, the amount Lee Jung Jae received was 12 times higher than Jung Ho Yeon and 7 times higher than Park Hae Soo.

Squid Game Cast

Source: K14

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