The seating positions of BLACKPINK girls at Paris Fashion Week 2022 show how powerful they are!

BLACKPINK’s sitting arrangement at the Paris Fashion Week 2022 presentations pique their fans’ attention!

BLACKPINK members recently appeared in turn at Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2022. Except for Lisa, who did not attend, the members “created a frenzy” at this occasion with their luxurious outfits and tremendous charm. Not only did the girls’ clothes and makeup catch the public’s attention, but so did their seats at the shows.

The BLACKPINK girls are given the honor of sitting in the first row of the presentations. Notably, this position is exclusively available to VIP guests and Global Ambassadors of the fashion house.

Jisoo made a big impression during Dior’s show when sitting in the front row beside the fashion house’s CEO. The image of the female idol emanates ladylike grace. Aside from Jisoo, Mr. Pietro Beccari – CEO of Dior – also had a tremendous aura that everyone admires despite his simple outfit.


Mr. Pietro Beccari, the character that sat next to the female idol, has a wealth of expertise in the fashion industry. In 2006, he was named Executive Vice President of Marketing and Communications of Louis Vuitton, and in 2012, he was named Chairman and CEO of Fendi.


In the course of this event, he also created a social media frenzy by making a joke about Jisoo: “Please text me if YG fires Jisoo. I will take her”.

Rosé, like Jisoo, was honored to be seated in the first row of Saint Laurent’s show. The female idol sat next to her friend Talia Ryder on this row. Since September’s Met Gala 2021, the two have become close. Following their meeting, the two female artists went out to watch a musical together.


Talia Ryder wows the crowd with her stunning looks. She is also put on the list of Hollywood’s brilliant and promising young actors. Talia, in addition to her stunning appearance, has a very open attitude, and she has quickly become friends with Rosé. The actress also made everyone flutter during YSL’s event when she gave her jacket to Rosé since it was extremely cold.

Jennie is undoubtedly accustomed to being the center of attention at Chanel presentations since she is always in the first row. The female idol sported a bright red outfit from this brand during her presentation at Paris Fashion Week 2022. Whitney Peak, who is also a House Ambassador Chanel, is seated next to Jennie during this event.


Whitney Peak, who is only 18 years old, has already made a name for herself in the worlds of cinema and fashion. Through the films Gossip Girl 2021 and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, she created an impression on the audience. Despite the fact that it was their first meet, the actress and Jennie were quite interested in talking. Then, when Jennie shared photos from the concert on SNS, Whitney Peak sent a comment complimenting the female idol.


The guests seated next to the members of BLACKPINK at the recent fashion event are all well-known names in the entertainment industry. The saddest thing for fans so far is that Lisa could not attend this critical fashion event even though she was in France.


Source: YAn

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