‘The Sea Of Hope’ Lee Soo Hyun to Rosé’s honorifics “Didn’t we decide to speak casually to each other?”, showing intimacy

Lee Soo Hyun warmly approached Rosé who joined as the first part-time music worker.

Rosé appeared as the first part-time music worker in the first episode of JTBC show ‘The Sea Of Hope’ aired on June 29th.

‘The Desired Sea’ is expected to captivate guests with its limited-edition dishes and music served right on the sea on the same day. Yoon Jong-shin and Lee Soo Hyun, who were in charge of the music, said “Should we try ‘The Blue in You’?” and practiced harmony, when Rosé, a part-timer from Pohang, arrived.

As soon as Rosé asked with honorifics, “Is there anything you guys would like to do?”, Lee Soo-hyun responded in a friendly way, “Didn’t we decide to talk casually?” Rosé said, “My fault. I will try my best,” she said and laughed. Lee Soo-hyun replied “Right”.

Then, as Rosé sang the main song, Lee Ji-ah, Lee Dong-wook, and Kim Go-eun also appreciated it and applauded.

Sources: nate

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