[The Sea Of Hope] “I think about my parents”… Rosé shed tears for the deceased Yoo Jae-ha’s song

Rosé was in tears with her cover, saying “I understand parents’ love”

In the JTBC entertainment program ‘The Sea Of Hope’, which was broadcast on the 20th, the members including actors Lee Ji Ah, Lee Dong Wook, SHINee’s Onew, Blackpink’s Rosé, and AKMU’s Suhyun started the second day running the business.

On this day, Kim Go Eun, who led the sea team, told everyone that it’s not easy to clean the beach and expressed her wish that The Sea Of Hope could make more people aware of the marine debris while saying they would pick up the debris as much as they could.

The other team – the land team started their first business with Rosé. Onew cheered for Rosé, who was worried about the table order by saying, “Yesterday we all did this.” Lee Dong Wook also cheered for the nervous Rosé. Also, after thinking about the name of the brownie made with raspberries, Soohyun sensibly named it “Blackpink.”

Afterward, the guests who reserved before of the 10 teams were kept in the seats at the bar in front of the sea. Since they had experienced in running the business the day before, the family became quite proficient. Onew skillfully took the order. Rosé coped well with unexpected situations. When they ran out of ingredients to make a drink, they went to the customers’ table, explained the situation, and took another order. Lee Ji Ah was in charge of cooking for 10 teams alone and had a crazy time. However, the dish they developed themselves received good reviews. 

Lee Dong Wook suddenly open ‘Makgeolli Water Park’ and accidentally let the makgeolli pot overflow. Even Suhyun and Lee Ji Ah next to him were baptized with the makgeolli. Lee Dong Wook explained, “I didn’t really shake it.” Suhyun laughed, saying, “I felt like I was at the beach. Thank you oppa.” Lee Dong Wook also laughed out, “I’m really going crazy.”

Onew stood in front of the stage to change the atmosphere and made everyone flutter with his sweet voice. Next, Rosé took the guitar and continued the stage with a pop song. After finishing the stage, Onew and Lee Dong Wook were worried about the shy Rosé, they talked to Rosé, “You must have been surprised at first because the sheet music fell off.” and exclaimed, “Such a person for stage, even your shadow was pretty.”

Rosé selected the deceased Yoo Jae-ha’s ‘Because I Love You’ as the last song. But while covering, she suddenly burst into tears. Rosé said it was difficult to interpret the song before, then explained, “I came here just now to sing, but when I carefully listened to the lyrics, I somehow thought of my parents. I felt a love that was solely for me, and I teared up without even realizing it. On a normal basis, I don’t think I expressed my emotions well, but when I listen to these kinds of songs, I think I start to understand my parents’ love better”, making people touched with her love for her parents.

Source: 10Asia

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