The sad story of Lee Sang Hee, a supporting actor in ‘Squid Game’, as his 19-year-old son was beaten to death while studying in the US

It turns out that Lee Sang Hee has such a heartbreaking tragedy behind his smile.

After the resounding success of the hit blockbuster ‘Squid Game’, not only the main cast, but also the popularity and privacy of the supporting actors have also been noticed. In which, actor Lee Sang Hee playing the role of a glass factory worker in the film suddenly became a hot topic on social networks, after sharing the family’s tragic story. He and his family had a very difficult time finding out the truth about the sudden death of their son while studying in the US.

In December 2010, Lee Sang Hee’s eldest son suddenly died while studying at a high school in Los Angeles, USA. It is known that the victim was hit in the head by a Korean student (temporarily called A) at the school’s gym. In the end, the actor’s son was brain dead and he died after 2 days. At that time, the actor’s son was only 19 years old.

lee sang hee squid game
Lee Sang Hee’s tragic story suddenly attracted attention after participating in Squid Game

After that, the local police arrested A for murder, but the case was later closed because the prosecution said, “Lee Sang Hee’s son was the one who assaulted A first and A’s actions were  for self-defense”. At that time, Lee Sang Hee decided to have an autopsy report for his son to find out the truth behind the sudden death. However, the results did not change.

At that time, the actor shed tears on television and said, “I want to apologize to my son because his father has no power. I am heartbroken that he cannot even rest in heaven.” 

lee sang hee squid game
Lee Sang Hee and his wife were in pain when they mentioned their late son in 2019

Three years later, the family requested an autopsy again when the boy was brought back to Korea. Worth mentioning, the results came out full of surprises, different from what the Los Angeles police department announced. The doctor said that the actor’s son died not from a brain hemorrhage, but had a heart attack after being attacked from the outside.

Before that, A, even though he admitted hitting his son Lee Sang Hee, was still declared innocent by the court for self-defense reasons. However, according to the autopsy results in Korea, the court found a direct link between A’s attack and the death of Lee Sang Hee’s son. According to the new autopsy results, “A” was sentenced to 3 years in prison for indirectly causing the death of the actor’s son.

lee sang hee squid game
The heartbreaking story of Lee Sang Hee’s family made many people cry

Now, even though Lee Sang Hee’s popularity skyrocketed thanks to ‘Squid Game’, this still can’t make up for the pain of losing her son. He still wants to see his son again and miss him so much that he hears his son’s voice: “Dad, let’s have a drink. As an actor, you must know how to drink.”

lee sang hee squid game
Lee Sang Hee’s heart hurts everytime he mentions his poor son

Source: K14, AK

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