The rumor saying Kim Seon-ho’s contract with Salt Ent. ended in September is not true, the company will release an official announcement soon

It has been confirmed that the rumor about Kim Seon-ho and his company’s contract expiry aroused after the “actor K” scandal broke out is groundless.

According to a report by Star-News on October 20th, the rumor saying Kim Seon-ho’s contract already expired in September is not true. The contract between Kim Seon-ho and Salt Entertainment is still valid for a long time more.

Kim Seon-ho and Salt Entertaiment

Regarding the controversy related to Kim Seon-ho’s private life, Salt Entertainment issued an official statement, “We apologize for not releasing a position earlier. We are looking into the anonymous article and checking on the rumors related to Kim Seon-ho. We want to ask for your patience since nothing has yet been confirmed officially.”

3 days after being called out on all media sites and online communities, Kim Seon-ho admitted to being the actor K who forced his girlfriend to get an abortion. However, the identity of his ex-girlfriend is still unknown.

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