The Rose’s response regarding the usage of the late Jonghyun’s instagram photos

Regarding the usage of Shinee Jong Hyun’s Instagram photos, The Rose’s side has shared their point of view.

The Rose released their new mini album “Dawn” on the 4th. However, the music video of the title song “She’s In The Rain” has become a hot topic among Shinee fandom. The reason is that Jonghyun‘s Instagram photos have been used as the props for the MV.

The fans asked whether the photos were used with the permission of SM Entertainment or Jonghyun’s family. If they were not, then the photos had been used without authorization.

J&Star Company, which The Rose is working under, has said “The problem appeared during the production process of the music video because of the understanding of the story and song discription.

The discription of the music video was ‘the song that shows companionship to those who feel lonely in life’ and because the production side wanted to somehow show sympathy for the sad image of the late Jonghyun, they thought it was suitable to include this photos as props.

According to the statement, both The Rose and the agency did not aware of the setting of the music video, therefore did not realize the problem.

J&Star Company also said “We did not use the photos for bad purposes or marketing. We want to express our sincere apologies to Jonghyun’s family and SM Entertainment, and we apologize to the fans who have been supporting The Rose, and the fans who have been loving Jonghyun.” and bowed their head.

And they also said their conclusion to the matter: “We are deeply sorry for the fact that both the agency and the production company was not careful enough during the production process. Once again we apologize to all the people who have been hurt by this. We will try our best to avoid causing any more damages in the future.

Souces: Nate

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