The rookie boy group Ciipher, formed by Bi Rain, is attracting public attention but in a not-so-positive way

Ciipher is a rookie boy group that is about to debut on March 15.  The reason this group is receiving attention is that they were formed and trained by Bi Rain and under Rain Company.  

At present, Bi Rain is supporting Ciipher when leading the group to promote in many different ways such as participating in variety shows with him, shooting magazine covers together, etc.

However, Ciipher’s promotion has caused great controversies.  Most recently, netizens are having a very mixed reaction to Ciipher’s introduce phrase

The group has been seen on various shows before their debut, and their introduction phrase has raised some questions. On these shows, they introduced themselves with, “Save us! Hello, we are Ciipher! Please spare us just once!”

This can be considered the most shocking introduction among Kpop groups.  With such content, it has even become a hot topic on Korean online forums.  Many Knet were shocked after hearing these words from the rookie male group.  They do not understand why Kpop idols have to become so pathetic that they have to “beg for salvation” of others right in the introduce phrase. 

Many criticized Bi Rain, who directly trained and formed the group, for such a negatively promoting the group, worsening the first impression of these young rookies.  Ciipher fans also hope that the group will soon change their first greetings before their debut to avoid making more negative impression.

Some comments from Knets:

  • “Oh yeah… I forgot just how bad Rain is at producing other artists…”
  • “Why are they begging…”
  • “Don’t make those young kids say such embarrassing things…”
  • “That is definitely not the kind of sentiment idol fans are into these days.”
  • “Please change it now. Idols’ introductions are for life.”
  • “I think Rain is forgetting the fact that ‘Gang’ also became popular because it was corny as hell, not because it was good.”
  • “That’s something a comedy group like Celeb Five would say.”
  • “If you wanna do cheesy concepts, do them yourself man. Don’t sacrifice these poor young kids TT.”
  • “Rain producing an idol group? Bad idea.”
  • “If you’re thinking about their future, please change the intro.”
  • “It feels too much like the boys are trying to earn pity votes TT.”
  • “How can he make young kids beg like that…”

It is known that this is not the first time Bi Rain has been criticized for the way he promotes Ciipher.  Previously, the legendary male singer also caused controversy when he was suspected of asking Weekly Idol to delay ONF’s episode to make room for Ciipher.

In the past, Bi Rain also formed a popular 2nd generation group, MBLAQ.  Although there was a time being famous, MBLAQ soon lost it in the end.  Many pieces of information confirmed the reason was that Bi Rain then ‘left’ the group by surprise and caused the members to fall into a career crisis, even without being paid for a long time.  This is also the reason why Knets do not like Bi Rain in the role of a trainer and founder of K-pop groups. 

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