The results of the best rookie Kpop group in 2021 voted by entertainment companies: aespa is too predictable, IVE is the most surprising

According to representatives from Korean entertainment companies, which rookie K-pop groups made the biggest impression in 2021?

As usual, a number of famous news sites in Korea will hold polls to find out the most prominent names in the entertainment industry with voters who are experts.  One of those polls must include the one organized by News1 that was just announced on the morning of December 20. News1’s poll has a total of 31 experts and representatives from entertainment companies including DSP Media, RBW, JYP, Jellyfish, FNC, SM, MBK, Yuehua, KQ, Woollim, IST, WM, BBC, Starship, HYBE, YG, Pledis, Cube, TOP Media, Brave, Blockberry Abyss, etc.

Some specific names have participated such as Director Kim Sang Ho (JYP Entertainment), Director Kim Jiwon (SM Entertainment), Director Cho Woo Young (YG Entertainment), Head of Department Jeong Jinho (HYBE),  Director Choi Sunjin (Pledis Entertainment), Director Kim Yongsup (FNC Entertainment), etc.

One of the categories opened to vote was ‘Best Rookie of the Year 2021 in the K-pop industry’.  Let’s see what the voting results of this categories will be. 

(There is 1 abstention from voting)

4th place: Billlie, MIRAE, LIGHTSUM, EPEX (1 vote)

The best rookie Kpop group in 2021
The best rookie Kpop group in 2021
The best rookie Kpop group in 2021
The best rookie Kpop group in 2021

3rd place: STAYC & ENHYPEN (2 votes)

The best rookie Kpop group in 2021
The best rookie Kpop group in 2021

2nd place: IVE (10 votes)

The most surprising in this chart is the runner-up position of IVE. Although they have only debuted for less than a month, the group has emerged as a hot and potential rookie with 10 votes, only 5 votes behind the first place.

The best rookie Kpop group in 2021

Music experts said, “As soon as IVE debuted, they have shown overwhelming achievements in all aspects including album sales, music show No.1 trophy, digital music achievements, and MV views.” An industry representative predicted: “Key members like Jang Wonyoung are expected to be ranked in the top as both K-pop idols and also as advertising and acting models in the future.” 

IVE performed ‘ELEVEN’

1st place: aespa (15 votes)

This is the 2nd year of aespa‘s career, and although there are many formidable rookies appearing in the K-pop industry in 2021, the SM girl group still holds 1st place as the best rookie. aespa received 15 votes, which means that nearly half of the votes of entertainment company representatives voted for the group.

The best rookie Kpop group in 2021

When asked why they chose aespa, the entertainment company representatives gave evaluations such as: ‘They have a good marketing plan and excellent music’, ‘The success of ‘Next Level’ very prominent’, ‘They quickly became a popular girl group’, ‘aespa was the most influential group this year’ and ‘aespa played a big role in leaving the mark of the Metaverse concept to the public.’

Congratulations to all the rookie K-Pop groups that have been named! We hope that in 2022, their careers will grow and achieve even more.

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