The relationship between YG and the Korean media: whenever YG’s stock price rises, a new scandal will be exposed

YG Entertainment’s relationship with Korean media sources, especially Dispatch, is indeed hurtful but unable to let go.

YG Entertainment should be rewarded with the title “The most resilient agency in Korea” of 2019. Even though it has only half a year, but the number of serious scandals YG has had sure surpassed all of the other scandals at other agencies. From Seungri, G-Dragon, T.O.P to Yang Hyun Suk, and the most recent one, B.I (iKON), have been continuously accused by the media and the police.

 Temporarily putting aside all the detail of YG’s dramatic situation, let’s focus on the timing. It seems like the Korean media sources, especially Dispatch, is in a love-hate relationship with YG. Whenever YG’s artists announce their comeback or debut, or have any kind of impressive activity which helps raise the stock price, a new scandal of YG will imediately be exposed after that.

1. BLACKPINK opened the show for YG in 2019, intended to come back in March but had to postponed until April due to Seungri’s scandals.

In early 2019, Yang CEO has posted an article to talk about YG Entertainment’s, especially BLACKPINK’s, plan for 2019. He had promised a lot about BLACKPINK’s comeback in March, 2 comebacks this year and Rosé’ solo debut after their comeback,…

And right in March, Seungri’s scandal was exposed and immediately became the biggest mess of Korea entertainment industry ever and the investigation process is still not over yet. Seungri’s case shook the entire Korean showbiz. Seungri then left BIG BANG, left YG, opened up a dark time for YG Entertainment with record low stock price. YG was predicted to be kicked out of the BIG 3, and their doomsday was near…

BLACKPINK finally had their comeback even though it was in early April and amid their agency’s messy situation where they were boycotted and hated by the public. The only girl group of YG is seen as YG’s last hope, and they only focus on the international market with their world tour being their main target. Luckily, “Kill This Love” was unexpectedly successful.

BLACKPINK has had an impressive comeback amid YG’s scandals.

2. Lee Hi’s comeback after 3 long years. 3 days before D-Day, Yang Hyun Suk was accused of procuring.

After 3 long years of being hidden in YG’s “treasure box”, Lee Hi is finally let out at one of the most difficult time of her agency. Many think that YG is trying to save their stock price and their public image by using Lee Hi’s comeback this time.

Lee Hi’s comeback date was set to be May 30th, B.I of iKON was featured in the title track to double the strength to beat every music chart. But 3 days before her comeback, Yang Hyuk Suk was accused by MBC of his use of prostitution to serve 2 South East Asian investors in July, 2014.

YG’s stock price rose a little bit thanks to Lee Hi, but immediately went downfall right after. After the accusation, Yang CEO has tried to explain and even wrote a letter to assure his staffs, Lee Hi has also had a quite successful comeback even though the allegation of Yang is still unclear.

‘누구 없소 (NO ONE) – LEE HI (Feat. B.I of iKON)‘ M/V
YG’s stock price went downhill due to Yang Hyun Suk’s scandal just a few days before Lee Hi’s comeback after 3 years.

3. Jisoo (BLACKPINK) confirmed her acting debut, Somi is about to debut but B.I got caught in a drug scandal

The past few days, YG fans were enjoying the peaceful days, but those were actually the calm before the storm.

Jisoo’s confirmation about her role in a drama with many A-grade stars like Jang Don Gun, Song Joong Ki, Kim Ji Won,…is attracting many attention because YG is finally making use of Jisoo’s promising acting career.

The agency’s stock price on the day of Jisoo’s news has risen a little bit.
Just 1 more day before Somi debut after a long time of hardship…
And then Dispatch decides to expose B.I – iKON’s leader – of buying drugs 3 years ago. This led to B.I’s withdrawal from iKON.

Source: Kenh14

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