The reasons why Minhyun (Wanna One)’s fansite wasn’t selected into the fansign although purchasing 554 albums

Kpop fans assumed that it was the controversial activities of masternim fansite B.W that made Swing Entertainment put her in the blacklist.

Recently, a fansite masternim of Hwang Minhyun has posted a status in order to complain about her not receiving the fansign ticket. Specifically, her fansite’s name is abbreviated as B.W and she spent a total amount of 8.5 million KRW to buy 554 albums. However, it seems that she was so unlucky that she couldn’t even get a fansign ticket.

Her story stirred up a controversy in Kpop fans. Many netizens said that spending such a great amount of money to buy albums was a waste. Explaining the reasons why this fansite couldn’t get a fansign ticket, Kpop fans claimed that entertainment companies often “remembered” the fans with bad behaviours like sasaeng fans or stalkers and restricted their chances to meet their idols.
Wanna One, fan meeting , hwang minhyun
Some fans even provided the information that fansite B.W has been involved in a lot of complicated matters. Some Wannables said that this masternim was among the illigal sellers of goodies in Malaysia and was arrested after that. This is also the fansite which often sell a large amount of goodies without giving public disclosure of the profits. Therefore, this fansite could possibly be put on the blacklist by Wanna One’s entertainment company and couldn’t get a fansign ticket.

Wanna One, fan meeting , hwang minhyun

Korean netizens commented: “Because B.W has been involved in a lot of controversies, the number of which was too much to be listed and even was arrested, no one feels sorry for her. No wonder the sales of “Lean On Me” were much greater than those of their previous albums”, “Nonsense. It is because she was put on the blacklist. Even if she had received the ticket, she couldn’t have got into the fansign. Not because she was unlucky but because she was known to be a sasaeng fan and was refused in these kind of events”, etc.

This is a valuable lesson for Kpop fans when they want to show the support for their idols. No matter how much you like your idols, you should have proper behaviours as the staff always keep track of the fandom’s activities. If you are beyond the limit, you might also be placed on the blacklist by your idol’s company!

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