The reason why Kim Hye Soo never pierces her ears that will give you goosebumps

Here’s why Kim Hye Soo doesn’t have her ears pierced.

A behind the scenes anecdote of actress Kim Hye Soo from 2013 recently became a hot topic. When she was filming the comedy drama “The Queen of Office”, she kept her nails neat for the character Miss Kim, an office worker. She never even wore circle lenses.

Kim Hye Soo

In order to act in the drama without the help of a stand-in, Kim Hye Soo showcased her efforts to learn salsa dance, tambourine and more.

In particular, Kim Hye Soo’s appearance without her ears pierced drew attention. In response to people’s curiosity, she explained that she didn’t have her ears pierced because she didn’t know when she would star in a historical drama.

kim hye soo

Until recently, Kim Hye Soo had not once appeared in a historical drama. This has finally happened in 2022. She is playing the main character in the new historical drama “The Queen’s Umbrella”. Therefore, her remark about not piercing her ears back then drew attention again. Her dedication to her job is receiving praise from netizens.

Kim Hye-soo

Source: Daum

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