The reason why iKON’s B.I gave himself the most parts in their new song, compared to the other members

B.I’s thoughts on distributing the group’s new song for the iKON’s members caused a controversy in the fan community.

Recently, iKON had an interview in which they talked about their new album “New Kids: Continue“. In the interview, B.I, the leader and producer of some of iKON’s songs, has shared about how he divides the the song’s parts for the members of the group. According to B.I, he would give more parts for the person who most matches with the song.

“There will always be one member who will fit the song most perfectly. I think the person who has the right voice and the ability to express that song will be the first priority. Definitely I will have to be fair, but I think the quality is more important.

Afterwards, Donghyuk quickly responded to the group’s leader: “B.I himself divided the singing parts for the members, and he often gave more parts to the member that best fit the song. Besides, each member always tries to show off our own uniqueness every time we have a new music product.

The reason why iKON’s B.I gave himself the most parts in their new song comparing to other members
iKON’s B.I

However, B.I’s statement has become quite controversia, since everyone knows that in most of iKON’s songs, the leader would always have the most lines, if not the second most. Perhaps B.I always considered himself as the “best fit member for the song” so he has prioritized himself over his members. Not to mention, B.I is not the group’s main rapper nor the main vocalist.

To be specific, in “Killing Me“, the portion of B.I’s parts accounted for 28.3%. In addition, “Love Scenario” was 18.2% (second after Ju-ne), in “Rubber Band” was 19.6% (second after Jay), in “My Type” was 37.1%, in “Bling Bling” was 37.2% and in “Airplane” was 18.96% (second after Ju-ne).

iKON’s “Killing Me” line distribution
iKON’s “Love Scenario” line distribution

In the face of criticism from the netizens, some fans have voiced out their defense for their idol. Some fans have reasoned that except for their main songs, B.I didn’t have many lines in the other sub songs of the album. Besides, B.I already said: “We also need to be fair, but I think quality is more important“. iKON has brought many songs with quality, therefore the members’ singing parts shouldn’t become such a controversy.

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