The reason why BLACKPINK Jisoo ignores the controversies surrounding “Snowdrop”

The reason why BLACKPINK Jisoo ignores the controversies over history distortion and military regime beautification of JTBC’s drama “Snowdrop” has been revealed.

On Jan 4th, a video titled “The real reason why BLACKPINK Jisoo is ignoring her drama’s controversies” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Drama Gallery“.

Drama Gallery said, “There is speculation that Jisoo is not dealing with Snowdrop’s controversies at all because she believes in her overseas fandom. Therefore, it is a move based on the judgment that the drama can survive abroad even if domestic public opinion is bad.”

BLACKPINK Jisoo ignores the controversies

Then they added, “Snowdrop is ranking high on Disney+. In particular, in all five Asian countries where BLACKPINK is super popular, it has successfully joined the top 5. As the work is gaining huge popularity abroad, there is also criticism that it may ignore the controversy (over history distortion).”

Set in Seoul 1987, “Snowdrop” tells the love story of Im Su-ho, a man who suddenly jumps into a women university’s dormitory, and Young-ro, a college student who hides Su-ho and takes care of him. Since the production stage, this drama has been criticized for being able to glorify espionage activities as well as the National Security Planning Agency (NSP).

In response, JTBC explained, “In the script, there is not a single part where the male and female protagonists participate in or lead the pro-democracy movement. On the contrary, there is a character that is unfairly oppressed because they were accused of being a North Korean spy by the military regime of the 1980s.”

BLACKPINK Jisoo ignores the controversies

They also shared, “The reason we described the NSP agent as ‘straightforward and just’ is because he is a secret agent who turns down the chance to be appointed to a powerful position in his country and instead works overseas after he is disheartened to see his colleagues ‘creating’ spies instead of ‘catching’ them.”


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