The reason of the biggest fight between Big Hit CEO and JYP CEO: Bang Shi Hyuk was so angry that he ran away from home!

The image of Park Jin Young and Bang Shi Hyuk in the public eye has probably become much closer and more realistic after this funny story.

All the fans of JYP and Big Hit have already knew about the intimate relationship of the two founders. In 1990, Park Jin Young and Bang Shi Hyuk had a chance to meet and work together in many music projects. After that, Park Jin Young founded JYP Entertainment and Bang Shi Hyuk used to work there in a while as a producer. Until 2005, Bang PD left JYP to found his own entertainment company named Big Hit Entertainment. 

Because of the intimate friendship, the two CEOs had many unforgettable memories. On the episode that aired yesterday (August 12) of ‘Radio Star’, Park Jin Young told a hilarious story about the time when he and Bang Shi Hyuk lived together in America in 2003. 

Park Jin Young said that they came to the ‘promised land’ to learn and research in order to spread K-Pop to the rest of the world. However, since they had no money, they have to stay at a friend’s house in America. Unfortunately, after a year had passed, they couldn’t sell a single song. Park Jin Young and Bang Shi Hyuk usually got into fights because of the stress.

One of the biggest fights was over socks. Yes, you got it right, the two talented founders of Kbiz used to fight over some socks. JYP CEO explained that because Bang PD is younger than him by one age, he had to do all the laundry. But Big Hit CEO was quite dissatisfied with JYP’s untidy life style.

Park Jin Young said, “He told me ‘Hyung, don’t leave your socks inside out when you leave them.’ But I was too tired at the time so I did it a few more times. So he came to me again and said: Hyung, I’m already tired from doing the laundry. Don’t do this.

He thought that Park Jin Young had changed but it didn’t end there. After a hard day, JYP CEO left his socks inside out again, which made Bang Si Hyuk finally blow up.

Park Jin Young continued, “He shouted, ‘Hyung! Stop it with these socks!’ And then he ran away from home. But he had nowhere else to go. He took a lap around the neighborhood and came back.


After hearing the story, the whole cast attending the show that day laughed out loud. Through this story they can see that before achieving success, both Park Jin Young and Bang Shi Hyuk had to go through many rough days. But they still did not give up their dreams and now they has built their own ’empire’ in the Korean entertainment industry.

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