The real beauty of idols before photo retouching astonished audiences

Recently, a photo series before photoshop retouching of Kpop idols was uploaded. Real beauty of many Kpop stars did surprise their fans.

The photo of “Sexy queen” Hyuna before any photo retouching impressed the public by her healthy smooth skin without pimples. Her strong and charismatic charm also received alot of positive comments. 1st Generation Idol Eun Ji Won reveals ageing sign in unretouched photos. The leader of Sechs Kies was born in 1978, this year he is 40 years old. Cha Eun Woo (ASTRO) made the Korean public feel the “fever” because of his beauty despite any camera angles and shooting conditions. The comments below the photo of the 21-year-old male idol said that nothing can get Cha Eun Woo in trouble, including the unedited image. 16-year-old “half-blood prince” Kim Samuel looks older than his real age in this photo series. Meanwhile, Jin Young (GOT7) was praised for being handsome and having an actor-like appearance. Young Jae (GOT7)’s photos after and before retouching are not very different. Min Hyuk (BtoB) proved to be one of the most handsome idols when appearing in the photo series revealing the true beauty of Kpop idols. Ravi (VIXX) stands out with a height of 1.84 m and a typical Korean face. Rapper of VIXX received compliments for his good-looking and full-face appearance, looking more energetic than in the edited image. RM, leader of BTS, looks stronger and more masculine in raw photos. “The most beautiful guy on the planet” V (BTS) through the lens is still impressively beautiful with sharp facial lines. Although the photos haven’t been edited yet, the 23-year-old idol looks not “less beautiful” than in the deep retouched photos. Unlike for these female idols, the account holder possessing the above unretouched photo series revealed funny photos of 2 EXID members. In the photo, “queen of fancam” was laughing and LE rapper was frowning in the bright sunlight. Internet users praised the beauty and comfort of two EXID girls. “National little sister” IU looks skinny and less cheerful in unedited photos. However, she is still praised pretty much by the Korean public in terms of beauty. Sei, a member of the rookie group Weki Meki, surprised many people with her lovely appearance and bright smiles in the unretouched photo. Before that, the young idol was voted into the list of poor visual when participating in Produce 101 season 1. “Little Tae Yeon” Kim Se Jeong appears to be more mature in unretouched photos but still “scores”; thanks to her bright smile. Momoland’s? main vocalist, Tae Ha, is often known as “Xiah Jun Su’s cousin”. Through the unretouched photos, she reveals a slightly rough skin with heavy makeup. Yeon Woo (Momoland) also received a lot of praise for beautiful looks without any photoshop. Momoland is a new phenomenon of Kpop in the first half of 2018. Though, the group’s song “Boom Boom” was controversial for music plagiarism, it still became a big hit. These moments of Nancy’s Momoland also received many compliments for her beautiful appearance. It is an understandable thing that a 18-year-old Korean and American girl to possess these sharp, impressive facial lines. “New gender queen”? Jung Chae Yeon got attention with her flawless white skin and sweet beauty. Many netizens thought that Chae Yeon deserves to be one of the most beautiful female idols in Kpop. The main vocal of Gfriend also has beautiful skin. Audiences consider that Yuju in unretouched photo is still gorgeous and even more friendly, likeable than when she performs on stage.

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