The Procuratorate has officially approved the arrest warrant for Kris Wu on suspicion of rape

Wu Yifan has formally been arrested on suspicion of rape; every movie and show starring the actor has been removed.

On the evening of August 16, the Procuratorate of Chaoyang District, Beijing made an announcement that the arrest warrant for criminal suspect Kris Wu (Wu Yifan) on the alleged rape has been approved. Previously, the male singer was detained for investigation of committing rape and sexual intercourse with minors.

kris wu arrested
kris wu arrested

Previously, on July 31, the Beijing Police posted a notice about the detention of Wu Yifan. The incident began when female influencer Du Meizhu repeatedly accused Wu Yifan of being promiscuous, taking advantage of being a celebrity to prey on and trick young girls, even underaged ones, into having sex with him. The police immediately began the investigation, seized evidence from Wu Yifan’s staff, and quickly issued a detention order.

kris wu arrested

In the past few days, it was reported that an international student filed a lawsuit against Wu Yifan for committing rape in the US. The male singer is also suspected of intoxicating an underage female fan to have sex.

Also today, all broadcasting platforms have taken down movies and entertainment shows involving Wu Yifan. Currently, social media accounts, topics on Weibo, group chats related to the male star have all been removed.

kris wu arrested

Currently, the news of Wu Yifan being arrested has made it to the top of Weibo’s search rankings, attracting more than 430k views and 230k discussions in less than an hour. 

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