The police discovered Kbiz prostitution rings: Member of famous Kpop group is a regular customer

The prostitution rings led by a man named Ko was just discovered by the police. In particular, there are noticeable details about a regular customer: a male Kpop idol who used to have controversial scandals.

Recently, the Hankook Ilbo has reported about a man named Ko. Ko has brokered prostitution since 2017 by hiring rookie actors to entertain corporate owners and celebrity customers. This prostitution was discovered for the first time thanks to a female victim, a former Korean model named A. According to model A, Ko claimed to be the production team leader to cast for a drama film and he was doing business based on sexual exchange.

By tricking the trainees, rookie actors and many employees of adult entertainment companies, Ko was able to fake their identities through social media profiles. Later, Ko introduced his girls to high-ranking officials. However, what is worth noting is the appearance of a famous male idol in the list of regular sex buyers in this ring. This information is currently making the public extremely confused amidst Kbiz’s sex scandals.

The statement is handwritten by victim A

Specifically, according to victim A, a famous idol of Kpop group (referred to as B) is on the list of Mr. Ko’s familiar customers. “Do you know how careful that male idol is? If a woman comes into the room (to prepare sex), they will confiscate her phone first.” A revealed the method to prevent from being recorded and revealing his identity.

Equally important, some of the members of the B band that have been involved in the controversial scandal in the past. However, not all members of this group are involved in sex brokers but only a few people appear on the blacklist.

The police have also obtained the victim’s full testimony and evidence in the form of a file.

Source: kenh14

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