The phone number in “Squid Game” is edited in most countries, except for Australia

After a real phone number was exposed in the Netflix original series ‘Squid Game’, it is reported that editing process is currently underway.

On October 5th (local time), Australia’s news.com cited the interview between The Independent and Netflix spokesperson and reported that Netflix decided to edit the phone number disclosed in the first episode of ‘Squid Game‘ after discussing with the production company. As a result, this scene was edited in most countries, but it is still being aired on Netflix in Australia.

Earlier, a controversy arose when it was revealed that the phone number in the first episode of ‘Squid Game’ was actually a phone number someone was using. Because of this, the owner of the number complained that he suffered from 4,000 calls and texts a day.

squid game phone number

Criticism has increased since Netflix and the production company did not offer proper compensation. Finally, it seems to have been resolved by editing the scene in which the number appears. However, what kind of compensation will be given to the actual number’s owner is still unclear. 

Meanwhile, in an interview on the 28th of last month, director Hwang Dong-hyuk said, “We used it because when I checked, it was a non-existent number, but we didn’t realize that there was a system that makes phone calls even if we don’t press 010.”

Source: Nate

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