The person sending death threats to Twice has been captured, only APink’s case left

Police Arrests Man Who Made Death And Acid Attack Threats Against TWICE


To be criticized on the internet is normal for any famous individual , but for some people to wish death upon them isn’t correct at all. Groups like Twice, APink and BTS have always been under threat for different reasons; reasons that are small and unreasonable, but assumed to be of huge deal and importance to the individuals that do such thing.

Though fans show their concern and worry for the many threats received by Twice, the individual shows no signs of care or remorse and threatened to pour hydrochloric acid on the targeted idol.

On July 16th, Korean police confirmed the person who threatened to kill Twice’s Mina was captured and will be punnished according to the law. The man is said to have posted a picture and dead threats towards Mina on an online site called “Ilbe” on June 13th and said he would use hydrochloric acid on July 2nd, which made Twice postpone all of their promotion in Japan and comeback to Korea to receive protections.

Apink also received a death threat from a man who said, “I will kill Apink’s members”. He’s been identified as a Korean American and though he was reported for his actions, he is in hiding in Canada. Police are working with Interpol to capture him so he can pay for his actions.

Although idols are the main target, the publics life is at risk as well. Though the internet is a way to be able to express your thoughts freely, many take it many steps further. This truly shows the reality of the world and it always leaves people to question those around them. Many take action without thinking of the consequences, but plead for mercy or run away from what they caused. An example would be BTS and an individual who pleaded for mercy on Twitter saying they didn’t truly mean anything they stated after they received a letter saying they’d have report to court. Justice is always received though many doubt. It won’t be long before APink’s case is closed, with the man simply paying for his actions just like the others. What are your thoughts on the situation?

Sources: Naver

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