The person sending death threats to BTS’ might carry a gun, raising the danger level


Nowadays, death threats are becoming more common for popular idols in the Kpop community.
Nowadays, death threats are becoming more common for popular idols in the Kpop community.

On July 20th, the “Celebrity HOT click” corner of KBS 2TV’s program “Entertainment Weekly” broadcasted a report about death threats sent to idols.

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Recently death threats from anti’s in Korea and abroad are shaking KPOP idols.

In June and July 2017, a man threatened to kill Twice and pour hydrochloric acid on them. Luckily, JYP had been fast on the case and the man was caught in July 2018.

The criminal later revealed, “I was angry when I heard they were going to promote in Japan.

In addition, APink have also received 14 phone calls threatening to kill them at broadcast stations or concerts, which led to the girl group to cancel their fansign event in January. According to APink’s company, the suspect is now hiding in Canada and will soon be arrested by Interpol.

The first boy group to enter Billboard chart BTS also encountered this kind of situation when member Jimin received a threat that said, “On September 5th in their LA concert, I will kill Jimin with my gun.”

Jimin, who was continuously threatened by anti’s, revealed, “I think about my fans, who must be very worried now, more than myself.” Fortunately, BTS’ company soon noticed the situation and assured fans that they would do all that is necessary to protect the idols.

On the other hand, about the death threats sent to the BTS member, critics of popular culture shared their thoughts saying, “We can see that in a place where gun possessions are legal like the U.S, it is very dangerous. We think it can bring bad consequences to idols if they have activities in such a highly dangerous place.”

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