The peak of beauty of YG’s princess – BLACKPINK Jennie

Jennie (BLACKPINK) is always beautiful, but many netizens believe that “SOLO” era is the peak of her beauty.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) is famous as the number 1 IT Girl in Kpop, possessing beautiful face and attractive charisma.  Jennie can fit all styles and even turns that style into a trend.

Recently, netizens have “dug up” a series of extremely beautiful moments of the BLACKPINK rapper when promoting SOLO in 2018. Although Jennie is always beautiful, many netizens have admitted that this is her peak of beauty.

The appearance of the BLACKPINK member at that time was extremely brilliant and luxurious, like a black swan on stages. In particular, the middle part hairstyle with outstanding hairpin has become a trend in Kpop.

With outstanding beauty and charismatic stage charisma, many fans think that she was the most beautiful at that time
Jennie is both innocent, cute and sexy and attractive
Jennie looked like a black swan
Korean netizens left many comments praising the beauty of the 1996-born female idol: “Both the hairstyle and makeup are extremely beautiful”, “Jennie’s small face should match that hairstyle”, “This hairstyle has become a trend thanks to Jennie” …
Indeed, after being promoted by Jennie, this hairstyle has become popular in Kpop. Karina (aespa) …
…and Lia (ITZY) are female idols who often have the same hairstyle with Jennie.

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