The past photo of a rookie female idol is excited because she resembles Rosé (BLACKPINK) and Krystal

The maknae of STAYC is said to have the beauty of both Rosé (BLACKPINK), Krystal, and a cult actress.

STAYC is currently one of the most popular rookies in Kpop.  The 6 girls possess the amazing talent and equally lovely looks.  Even many netizens agree that each member is capable of being visual in any group.

Recently, Korean netizens were feverish at the past series of photos of J – the youngest of STAYC.  The series of photos of the female idol born in 2004 quickly surprised the netizens because of her amazing beauty.  STAYC’s maknae is only 16 years old this year, but soon possesses the star-perfect beauty, every facial line is good looking and harmonious, as a long-time idol right before debut.  J series of photos made Knet think that she has the beauty of Rosé (BLACKPINK), Jung Ryeo Won, and Krystal.

Comments by Knet:

 – Seriously, how did they find all 6 beautiful members like this in the same group.

 – J’s next promotions should have long hair.

 – 6 beautiful and talented kids.

 – It is no different from now.

 – Beauty reminds Jung Ryeo Won.

 – The first photo looks like Rosé and the second photo looks like Krystal.

 – It’s hard to remember the rookie face but STAYC’s visuals really stand out.

 – Pretty, good at singing, and has great potential, J will be even more famous.

 J was born in 2004, whose real name is Jang Yeeun, and is the youngest member of STAYC – the rookie is considered to be more impressive than aespa – the new girl group of SM.  Since the debut, STAYC has quickly surprised the audience because there are so many beautiful and talented members. STAYC is one of the most promising rookies this year.

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