The outstanding profile of male model who held BLACKPINK Rosé’s hand 

With stunning visuals and an admirable career, the male model who held BLACKPINK Rosé’s hand in Tiffany & Co. campaign is drawing attention. 

On January 3rd, luxury jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. released a promotion video for their Lock Collection featuring BLACKPINK Rosé. As the brand’s global ambassador, Rosé is the new face for this jewelry line. 

As expected from the BLACKPINK member, the promotion video is filled with alluring images, where Rosé flaunts her classy and elegant beauty. However, some netizens also pay attention to another appearance, and even got jealous of the male model who got to hold hands with Rosé. 

Immediately after, netizens discovered that the model in question is none other than Park Tae Min, who has already boasts an admirable career and visuals despite his young age. 

Park Taemin rosé
BLACKPINK Rosé flaunts her elegant and classy beauty in every frame 
Park Taemin rosé
But a lot of netizens also pay attention to the male model who appeared next her 

Almost 190cm tall with astounding visuals and presence 

Park Tae Min, who was born in 1993 in Busan, boasts an impressive height of 187cm. Amid various Korean male models, Park Tae Min stands out with his sharp facial features and extremely alluring charms. Many people commented that Park Tae Min seems to be “born for modeling”, and shines on big fashion runways.

Park Taemin
The stunning visuals of Park Tae Min

The talk of town right after debut

Park Tae Min made his official debut in 2016, when he walked for the Spring-Summer Seoul fashion week. At the time, he also drew attention with a pictorial for Musinsa, thus becoming one of the most highly-anticipated rookies, as voted by Korean fashion industry insiders. 

Park Taemin
Park Tae Min made a deep impression right after debut with his Musinsa pictorial 

A successful debut in the global market

In 2018, the male model had a chance to meet a British reporter. This person invited Park Tae Min and introduced him to a number of international fashion events. Park Tae Min then officially entered the global fashion industry. The 1993-born model made his international debut that year and had some success, walking the catwalk at a number of major events and starring in commercials for a number of well-known companies, including Prada, Calvin Klein, and Givenchy.

After that, Park Tae Min also entered the history of the Korean fashion industry as the first model ever signed an exclusive contract with Prada, Dior and Calvin Klein.  From 2020 until now, he has continuously appeared in the Top 50 male models in the world according to’s ranking.

Park Taemin
Park Tae Min attends many big fashion events
Park Taemin
He is the first Korean model ever to sign an exclusive contract with Prada, Dior and Calvin Klein

Source: k14

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