The new model chosen by famous cosmetics brand “Etude” is really amazing

LE SSERAFIM Kazuha has been selected as the model for “Etude”.

On Nov 6th, global makeup brand “Etude” announced that they selected LE SSERAFIM Kazuha as their official model and released her official pictorial.

le sserafim kazuha etude house

In the released Etude pictorial, Kazuha showed off her innocent and beautiful figure, unlike her strong and powerful appearance on stage.

Kazuha boasted her beauty with pink makeup reminiscent of flowers. Her naturally styled long hair also highlighted her innocent charm.

le sserafim kazuha etude house

She captivated viewers with her clean, bright skin tone and sparkling eyes.

A filming official said, “Kazuha was praised by the on-site staff for her unobtrusive attitude and consistent smile even after more than 10 hours of commercial filming.”

Source: wikitree

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