The mysterious building in Kpop music videos that IU, Chungha, and a slew of other SM and JYP artists have all visited

After 20 years of abandonment, the building’s function was finally discovered. Few people believe that this is Kpop idols’ favorite place.

Fans of K-pop have long been accustomed to “boxed” music videos, which make use of the studio environment to create a clear visual impression. Entertainment companies understand Korean audiences’ preferences, so they can promote MVs set in such a “boxed” setting. Knets, on the other hand, also admires MVs shot outside for their artistic value.

It is important to have a suitable space in order to film a beautiful and eye-catching outdoor MV. Transporting filming equipment is also difficult, especially in the Kpop entertainment industry, which invests heavily in professional MV filming.

As a result, the Korean music industry does not favor outdoor music videos. Fans, on the other hand, have discovered a famous MV filming location that has been chosen by a number of artists. This is a popular location for Kpop fans, despite the fact that it is abandoned. Many Korean stars and artists have used this abandoned building to film their music videos. It’s no surprise that this abandoned Gimcheon building is so favoured by Kpop artists, as it meets many standards such as being spacious, able to shoot many concepts, and not requiring a lot of construction costs. Some Korean web drama series have also used this location to film several scenes.

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