The mother of a famous male idol is suspected of illegally selling a college degree at 8 million won

Netizens have raised suspicions over the news that a famous male idol’s mother sold college degrees illegally.

Recently, SBS’ 8 News’ reported the case of A allegedly selling a Philippines college degree for 8 million won. It is said that A is the mother of a famous boy group member and an adjunct professor at a university in Gyeonggi-do allegedly sold a Philippine college degree for 8 million won.

According to reports, Kim, who purchased the bachelor’s degree, is a former idol trainee and currently works as a practical music instructor. Kim went to a building in Korea to take photos for the graduation of a Philippines university.

Meeting with SBS reporters, Kim said, “As a student, I was asked to take a graduation photo in advance due to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. I was introduced to A and gave A 8 million wons of tuition to study at a Philippines university for 1.5 years. Therefore, I could take classes in Korea.”

A, an adjunct professor at a university in Gyeonggi-do, was registered as a representative of various social organizations and is also known as the biological mother of a famous male idol.

A denied the allegation of illegally selling degrees; she said, “The 8 million won I received from Kim will be sent to the university as his college tuition for 8 semesters.”

However, it was confirmed by the reporters that the tuition fee of that university is only about 300,000 won. The university stated that they didn’t know anything about the allegation of degree trading.

Considering the fact that the recruitment guidelines for freshmen on the school’s website are in Korean and Korean people are also in charge of many major positions in the school, SBS reporters suspected the possibility of a degree trading. Therefore all the relevant evidence was handed over to the investigation agency.

Meanwhile, the representative agency of A’s son commented, “We have no relation with this case, so we will not give any comment.”

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