The most shocking weight-losing case in the history of KPOP, Ailee lost 10 kg in just a month and it affected her voice

Netizens got goosebumps knowing the dieting schedule of Ailee.

Apart from practicing, KPOP singers also have to take care of their appearance, especially maintaining a well-being body to appear impressively in front of the audience. Due to the pressure of losing weight, many stars decided to go on a strict diet, and it left them with serious health problems.

One of the singers whom netizens pointed out is Ailee. When appearing on the show “Oh Eun Young’s Golden Counseling Center”, the female singer shared the story of how she had struggled with her dieting. She said she only ate 500 calories a day in order to lose weight faster. It is pointed out that this amount of calories is lower than the standard level of 1200 calories. Ailee did gain the slim body she wanted, but this resulted in Ailee’s having nodules that affected her voice.

She recalled the time when she only ate 500 calories a day so that she could lose 10-11kg in a month
After losing 10kg, Ailee did become skinnier

During her diet, Ailee managed to lose 10-11kg in just a month. Each meal, the female singer only ate 100 grams of protein, 2 bowls of vegetables and 1 piece of fruit. Two such meals a day only have a total of 500 calories. The female singer even followed this diet when she had a busy schedule. She also tries to exercise to lose weight faster.  As a result, Ailee did not have enough energy to sing, and her larynx began to have nodules. The doctor said that if she maintained this regimen, she would deal with many health problems.

But that’s not all, malicious comments online also cause Ailee to be more stressed about her weight. The singer said that if her face is swollen, netizens will claim that she gained weight. If her face is smaller, netizens think that the singer has successfully lost weight. Despite maintaining her ideal weight, her voice has been affected, making Ailee extremely upset and depressed.

Currently, Ailee has a relatively skinny body
But netizens still can’t stop commenting on her weigh
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