“The most polite member”… BTS V, what happened before he left the airport?

While BTS V apologized for passing by fans and reporters on his way back to Korea, testimonies from fans who were at the scene at that time drew attention.

On June 29th, a post titled “The incident before BTS V got out of the airport” was posted on an online community.

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Earlier on June 24th, V departed for Paris, France to attend the fashion brand Celine’s 2023 fashion show. While returning to Korea through the Gimpo Business Aviation Center on June 28th after finishing his schedule, V got in the car and quickly left the scene despite reporters and fans’ shouts. Actor Park Bo-gum and BLACKPINK Lisa waved and did heart poses to reporters and fans with bright expressions, but V caused disappointment as he showed an opposite attitude.


Regarding this, V apologized through the fan community platform Weverse on June 28th, “Reporters and ARMYs, I’m sorry that I got in the car right away.”

Many testimonies from netizens who were at the scene at that time were uploaded. Netizen A said, “The flight’s arrival time was delayed and it rained too much. More fans gathered than expected, and the staff couldn’t stop them, so they told them to come back from 11 o’clock. Fans who came from dawn were restless for fear of losing their seats, but several men took the lead and re-established the line.”


A continued, “Then the line was messed up as it rained and people rushed to the place where they had been waiting. Foreign fans who arrived late jumped into the front seats and fought with the person who was leading them. Foreign fans called the police and it got even more messed up.”

A went on to say, “Only V had to come out, but whenever the door opened and closed, they screamed and stuck to the car, so a reporter yelled at him to come out. Originally, V would walk slowly to get in the car, but he had to appear in front of the entrance and wait so that he could get in the car right away. It was out of control because foreigners were likely to rush in.”

A added, “Originally, he was the most polite BTS member to reporters, so I wondered. Fans say they aren’t sad.”

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Other netizens showed reactions such as “He opened the window in the car and waved goodbye. But it still bothered him, so he apologized on Weverse for getting in the car right away before articles were published”, “V is a member who greets well and is famous for his fan service at the airport”, “The police were summoned and the situation at the airport was so bad that day”…

Meanwhile, V will appear on “In the Soop: Friendship Travel”, which is scheduled to air 4 episodes through JTBC in July. It deals with a friendship trip for 3 nights and 4 days of V with actors Park Seo-joon, Choi Woo-sik, Park Hyung-sik and singer Peakboy, who are known as close friends.

Source: Nate

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