“The Most Negative Fanbases” ranking brings joy to BTS fandom ARMYs

The fandom of BTS, known as ARMY, has been rejoicing after UberFacts unveiled a chart that highlights the most negative fanbases on social media. 


UberFacts released two charts, one that lists the most positive fanbases online, with One Direction fans ranking No.1, and another chart that ranked the most negative fanbases online, which listed Rihanna’s fanbase as the most negative. Both rankings don’t include K-pop fandoms.

The rankings are determined based on the language used by fans online. Even though there are mixed reactions to the rankings, ARMYs are particularly happy with the results. 


Among K-pop idols’ fandoms, ARMYs have often been subject to criticisms and accused of being “toxic and aggressive” by those who are not fans of the group. As a result, ARMYs were thrilled to discover that they were absent from the “Negative Fanbases” list. This indicates that ARMYs are more likely to use positive language online.

Source: Koreaboo. 

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