The moment that made fans heart-broken: Wanna One sang while crying on the 2018 KBS Gayo stage

Singing live on stage, Wanna One couldn’t hold back their tears while watching the VCR prepared by the station.

On the night of December 28th, the 2018 KBS Gayo Daechukje Music Festival took place with an impressive lineup: BTS, EXO, TWICE, Got7, NU’EST W, Sunmi, Red Velvet, … Wanna One also contributed to the concert with a quite impressive performance with the songs “IPU” and “12th Star“.

Wanna One - I.P.U | 워너원 - 약속해요 [2018 KBS Song Festival / 2018.12.28]
“I.P.U” – Wanna One (KBS Gayo Daechukje 2018)

After performing “I.P.U“, the organizers showed an extremely touching and meaningful VCR for the group. The VCR longer than 2 minutes is a reminder and encouragement sent from the parents of the members. Standing on the stage and watching this video, the male idols were moved to the point they couldn’t hold their tears during the “12th Star” performance.
An emotional VCR dedicated to Wanna One only at 2018 KBS Gayo Daechukje
12th star- Wanna One

This not only makes the Wannable community but also those who are not fans feel a tingle when only a few more days the group will officially disband:

Although it is just the project group that came out of “Produce 101” and has been working for less than two years, it is undeniable that Wanna One has gained many achievements and received love from the Kpop fan community. This farewell is not only a big loss to Wannable in particular but also brings many regrets for Kpop fans in general.

Source: K14